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Dodany: 2016-09-21 17:00:01

Autor: Spinnin' Records

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Spinnin'RecordsJay HardwaySomnia

Jay Hardway - Somnia (Official Music Video)

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Jay Hardway returns with a new house gem! Somnia is again a refined piece of musical art. With its touching clings, sophisticated melodies and retro synths he has proven that his way of producing is unique. Check out this timeless tune!

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Directed by: Jorrit Monné (UBERcut) & Madse Krivokutya (Kraftstoff)
Filmed & Edit: Jorrit Monné (UBERcut) & Madse Krivokutya (Kraftstoff)
Producer Am been: Tim Agter (Sunrise Production)
Local japanese production:

Raybase LLC

- Kaetsu Motomitsu

- Makiko Segawa
- Junko Yamada

Local Producer
- Shin Kinoshita

- Sharen Ichiba
- Kotaro Shibuya
- Junko Yamada

Special thanks to:
- Seisu Watanabe
- Yuuki Nakamoto
- Yoshiko Yakushiji
- Sachiko Mori
- Mami Matsumoto
- Tokuhiro Kawai
- Shoko Honda
From the shrine near mount Fuji.